SeeMe - The AI Marketplace

Too often…

Too often, we experience how hard it is for anyone - individuals, teams, small companies as well as large enterprises alike - to create useful AI models to solve their problems. Companies that spend several months just to train a standard model.

Too often, practioners struggle to get their model into production, or ported to an additional platform. Companies that annotated a ton of data, but were told that retraining or redeploying model was not possible, deploying on the edge was not an option…

Too often, we read about great AI results, awesome achievements, interesting models or breakthrough results that are only available on paper or blog posts.

We have seen it so many times, talked a lot of people, all experiencing the exact same challenges…


Here's our dent in the universe, our contribution to change that... - The AI Marketplace

At SeeMe, we see (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) you. We hear you…

We exist to let you create, use, and share world class artificial intelligence.

And we set out to:

  • operationalize AI solutions;
  • strive to get better results, faster, with less data;
  • support a variety of deployment options out of the box;
  • share and market your models with/to others.

Our goals are to make AI …

a repeatable process more than an art.

about solving problems more than fiddling around with getting things to work.

accessible, useable and shareable.

We strive…

At SeeMe, we aim and strive to deliver on those beliefs, step-by-step, every step of the way.

From collecting the data to managing it, from training world class models to deploying them in production, from sharing them within your team and organisation, to marketing them to the rest of the world.

The road ahead

We are currently adding more beta users on the platform, helping them create, use and share their models.

Looking forward to talk to you soon.