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Collect & manage data.
Easily create world class computer vision models, regardless of your skill level.



Make your models available in our iOS/Android app, web app, or via our API and SDKs.



Share your models for fun and profit, privately or with the rest of the world.

How we solve your problems

Visual Proof of concepts

  • Validate your image recognition idea
  • Just type the labels you want to recognize
  • SeeMe will collect images, train and the deploy the network
  • Available on our API, iOS/Android apps, web app or Python SDk

Mobile app

  • Our iOS & Android apps
  • Help you collect and label images together
  • Try visual proof of concepts
  • Make predictions using private, public or shared models

Full control?

  • Use our Jupyter Notebook
  • Takes you through all the steps creating a world-class image classifier
  • 99% is already written and ready to go
  • Data collection, augmentation, training, parameter tweaking, ...
  • Deploy your model in just 3 three lines of Python

Configure follow-up

  • Use the recognized label in a follow-up action
  • Search online, Wikipedia, ...
  • Show a web page with more details
  • Or integrate it into your workflow.

Ready to use models

  • Don't have the data or time?
  • Quickly solve a common problem?
  • Browse our catalog of shared models you can easily integrate
  • And maybe one day, add and monetize your own...

Our mission

We believe AI will have a massive, positive impact, transforming industries, businesses, society and our daily lives for the better.

Our mission is to put the power of AI into the hands of everyday heroes.

Our focus is to build the tools to make AI accessible and applicable, so you can achieve your goals, starting with computer vision.

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