The no-code MLOps Platform

A faster way to iterate on datasets, models, and deployments. platform overview - My models

One Integrated Platform

No code or AI expertise required. benefit: end-2-end

Seamlessly integrate data, models, and deployments, without writing any code. benefit: faster to market
Faster to market

Speed up deploying and improving models in the least amount of time possible. benefit: solution focussed
Solution focussed

Solve your challenges, not worrying about the underlying AI. benefit: standardized workflow
Standardized workflow

Use a repeatable process for a wide a range of AI applications. benefit: no code or infrastructure
No code or infrastructure

Simplify your AI efforts across the board. benefit: full control
Full control

Manage, monitor, and trace the entire lifecycle of your AI projects.

AI. Full circle.

Continuously improve by iterating on data, models, and deployments.

In the cloud, at the edge, or on device.

AI Datasets


Prepare, manage, and improve datasets with ease.

Circular AI
Deploy AI


Convert, integrate, and benefit with as little code as humanly possible.


Train, evaluate, and manage different AI models in an automated way.

AI Models

AI Applications

No-code MLOPs for a wide range of AI applications Applications: image classification
Image Classification

Classify entire images to your labels. Applications: object detection
Object Detection

Detect and recognize objects in your images. Applications: tabular data
Tabular data

Use your structured data to classify or predict. Applications: text classification
Text Classification

Classify your text, documents, emails, and messages in multiple languages. Applications: optical character recognition (ocr)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Extract text from your images and pdfs. Applications: named entity recognition (ner)
Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Extract relevant information from your documents in a structured way.

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